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Communications and Ethics for Bodyworks Practitioners

By: Holland, Patricia M.

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ISBN-10: 0803624042
ISBN-13: 9780803624047
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Develop the effective, ethical and professional relationships and an honest and clear communication style that are the foundation of a successful bodywork practice. This practical, real-world, case-based approach to professional practice focuses on the communications and ethics essential to success in the field. The authors guide you toward developing the therapeutic relationship with your client, conflict resolution skills, and strategies to develop and maintain personal and professional boundaries. Real-life examples from experienced professionals help to demonstrate how you can meet the challenges of complex issues, such as power differences, dual relationships, and issues involving client retention. In-depth discussions of professional conduct and ethics, as well as creative problem-solving skills, will help you develop your own style of effective and successful communication.

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Style Number: 8036HOL2404

Pages: 448

Edition: 01

Publisher: Davis, F.A. | Publish Date: 12/11 | Copyright 2012

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